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Woolcool Reuse Ideas

The best ideas come naturally.


At woolcool, we know this is true. After all, Woolcool was born after our founder, Angela Morris, had her own ‘eureka’ moment. In a flash of inspiration, Angela realised that 100% natural wool was a perfect way to provide insulation for temperature-controlled packaging. It was a simple, natural idea.


And, ever since, our products have evolved through new ideas, taking in thoughts and feedback from our colleagues, customers and partners to achieve ever-better results.

And, while we have invested millions of pounds over the last decade in research and testing to collect scientific data to back up our innovations, that same spirit of creativity is what drives us on.

At the core of all those ideas is our belief that natural materials are best, and that we must find a way to address the real and urgent global packaging issue that faces society – the need to develop packaging that is environmentally and socially responsible yet economically viable.

When it comes to temperature-controlled packaging, wool is the natural answer to a global problem, better than polystyrene and manmade options. That’s OUR big idea!


Woolcool has pioneered sustainable packaging. The 100% natural wool we use in our liners is biodegradable and breaks down easily to release nutrients into the soil. It breaks up easily in seawater too. It’s also recyclable.

But the next step in the evolution of sustainable packaging is going beyond recycling… to reuse. And once again, the ideas are flowing!

We are constantly inspired by the brilliant concepts our customers and partners come up with to reuse their Woolcool wool liners.

Check out #letsboxclever on social media and you’ll see the fantastic ideas the Woolcool family have suggested to find a use for our natural wool. Here are some examples of the creativity inspired by our wonder wool:

In the home

The soft, clean and warm nature of the natural wool we use inspires people to get crafty, creating items to decorate their homes or treat their furry friends.

Our 100% natural wool has been used by members of the Woolcool family to fill soft furnishings such as cushions and pillows or reupholster chairs.

Pets like nothing better than to take a nap on our soft, luscious wool, whether it’s lining a hamster’s cage, a lucky dog’s basket or a soft pillow for a pampered cat.

Practical ideas

Wool is so malleable and flexible that it can be shaped and cut to be used in all kinds of unusual ways

Woolcool tech-heads use our wool to line their backpacks and bags to protect their laptops and tablets.

Our liners can be rolled up to create draft excluders to block out cold breezes from your home.

It can also be used to wrap around pipes to provide insulation against freezing temperatures.

The liners can even be cut to create cosy insoles for your wellies or boots.

Getting arty

And perhaps the ultimate example of how the feel of real wool can inspire creativity is the many arty uses our customers have found or their Woolcool liners.

Some crafty Woolcool customers have even used their wool liners to create soft and cuddly needle stitch toys.

Customers have taken to their sewing machines to make warm and snuggly clothes using Woolcool as a liner.

Woolcool has been used to make everything from stage props to Christmas decorations to art installations. The ideas are endless!

Clearly, there’s something about handling 100% natural wool that ignites a creative spark in people, and we’re always interested to hear of new ways of reusing it.

But it doesn’t end there – because if you can’t find a way of reusing your Woolcool, we can!

Our pioneering Circular Economy scheme allows customers to return their used Woolcool liners to be washed and prepared to be used again.

Our Food Packaging Range

Woolcool Food packaging solutions are produced using 100% pure wool. They have a proven track record within the food industry as the trusted performance insulated packaging solution that delivers perishable goods in perfect condition.