Woolcool® Food packagingWoolcool® Pharma packaging
Woolcool® Food packagingWoolcool® Pharma packaging

Insulated packaging for Food and Pharma.

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Sustainable performance.

Your environmental concerns resolved while keeping precious goods safe.

Founders of the Sustainable Packaging Revolution - Woolcool®

Our process.

Woolcool® are the pioneers of the sustainable packaging revolution; Over two decades ago we created the original sustainable insulated packaging solution. Our products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Our processes are flexible and cater for every size of demand, supplying our solutions both to the UK and overseas.

Staying true to our mantra of using natural materials to change the world, our special 100% Wool blend is sourced and processed specifically for making Woolcool®, ensuring it doesn’t contain additives, such as borate or polyester, found in other types of wool insulation. Fleeces are washed and scoured in accordance with PPC regulations, ISO14001 and ISO9001, without the need for extreme temperatures, toxic chemical treatments or additives.

The washed fleece is garneted, needle-felted and cut into strips which are hygienically sealed within recyclable PE film with microperforations to allow the hygroscopic function. With over two decades of research and development, Woolcool® are experts in harnessing the benefits of natural materials to create our sustainable insulated packaging range. We have heavily invested in our Innovation Centre, and are committed to do so for the future. We continue to be at the cutting edge in both our Product Development and Company Principles. We believe a business should be a force for good.

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At the end of its useful life as packaging, the insulation liners or felt wool can be re-used for a variety of purposes.