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Think of temperature controlled food packaging – what do you see? Perhaps the most traditional use for chilled food packaging has been transporting meat and fish, ensuring fresh delivery of perishable protein-based food. Historically, well in the last 50 years, this has been achieved by using Polystyrene or EPS boxes.
But at Woolcool®, the innovation of our ongoing research has driven the evolution of our products – and a smorgasbord of foods being delivered protected by the natural insulation provided by 100% wool.
As well as meat and fish we’ll help deliver cheese, milk, chocolate, vegetables, fruit, pizza, juices, ice cream and much more. There are is a veritable larder full of foods benefitting from the decade of development our sustainable packaging products have gone through. We even help deliver pet food.
While this impressive menu provides a mouth-watering taster of the very best foods being delivered today, it also illustrates the vast range of insulated packaging for food we supply and design. Because from meat to ice cream and vegetables to chocolate, all of the consumables we deliver have different temperature requirements. We work closely with each of our customers to tailor our solutions to suit these unique challenges. Our team are experts in both temperature control and packaging, allowing complete confidence in the advice we provide. We want to ensure that we are providing the right solution and not just a short term sell.

This diversity of demand is where the incredible insulation provided by our 100% wool liners comes into its own. The benefits of wool, developed over millions of years of evolution, has allowed us to develop a hugely flexible range of temperature controlled food packaging products to fit the differing needs of our clients. We deliver that variety and flexibility in a number of ways.

Firstly, when it comes to size and portability, our wide range of products and packaging components mean we can offer a bespoke design to match the needs of all food producers. This ranges from pouches and envelope-based temperature controlled food packaging to large boxes and any combination that falls between the two. From hand-delivered items to the doorstep to large insulated box sets, we can match your needs with the right combination.

The flexibility of our wool liners – which are scientifically and independently proven to outperform man-made insulators like polystyrene – make this adaptable approach to our clients’ needs possible. And the long list of renowned food companies we value as long-standing partners – the likes of Abel & Cole, John Lewis, Innocent and Gousto – illustrates the confidence our clients show in the results.

Secondly, the bespoke nature of our work with food producers includes design, allowing clients and partners to benefit from packaging that perfectly captures the brand message behind their products.

Finally, our expertise after more than a decade of research and development allows us to work in an advisory role for food clients, working with them to put together a temperature controlled food packaging solution that fits their needs, from a small chilled item included in a bigger delivery, such as hamper, to a larger box containing multiple items, each with their own requirements. We can advise on whether to use ice packs/frozen gel packs or not in your packaging and how to make the most of the light and flexible wool liners we use to provide insulation.

All of this comes with the impeccable ecological benefits of using wool instead of manmade insulators in your temperature controlled food packaging solution. As a 100% natural material, wool is reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Our packaging solutions are also lighter and smaller than those of rivals, ensuring a smaller carbon footprint for your deliveries.

What’s more, the introduction of our ground-breaking paper pouch – which includes even less plastic than the rest of our ecologically-sound range – provides further variety for customers who care about protecting the planet as well as their products.

Behind this variety lies more than a decade of research into the qualities and benefits of 100% real wool as an insulator. Woolcool® has worked with leading universities including Cambridge, in research projects costing millions of pounds to provide the hard data that informs our expertise.

Our own technicians, using in-house climatic chambers, constantly refine our products by testing their limits. The tailored solutions we offer to our food customers is built on this scientific legacy.

So, variety and flexibility are the secrets behind the success of Woolcool®’s temperature controlled food packaging. For our food customers, we provide a menu of products as varied as their own delicious products. The right material, for the right application, fully researched from cradle to end of life, that is the Woolcool® way.