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When it comes to insulated packaging for temperature sensitive products, the pharmaceutical sector is understandably demanding. When delivering medicines, vaccines and other kinds of clinical and medical goods, a client’s health can be put at risk if packaging fails. The nature of the products shipped by the Pharma industry means that they must be delivered not only intact but at the required temperature. Performance is everything.
This is the key principle behind Woolcool®’s range of Pharma products, driving millions of pounds worth of Government-backed research and development in partnerships with scientists at Cambridge University and other seats of learning. The result of this research, carried out for more than a decade, is scientific data that conclusively proves the superior insulating benefits of real sheep’s wool – and how it is a practical, high performing and reliable material for use in pharma packaging.
That research, which is also complemented by ongoing testing both independently and within at our own in-house facilities, has allowed Woolcool® to create a range of highly-flexible temperature controlled packaging for Pharma solutions, which can be tailored to meet the demanding needs of the sector.
Our pure wool liners outperform manmade insulators such as polystyrene and EPS boxes, providing a vast number of packaging options for products in both the 2-8°C and 15-25°C ranges.

Another significant benefit of Woolcool® is its superior performance, ensuring extra security for products during their transit and in many cases allowing the use of refrigerated vehicles to be reduced and even eliminated completely.

This strength – reflecting the breadth of wool’s abilities as an insulator – is also of benefit when delivering into hotter climates and in delivery chains where refrigeration may be occasionally broken, while also helping clients meet guidelines that are forever changing.

However, while our robust data provides reassurance that our products work across the full spectrum demanded by temperature controlled packaging for Pharma, our carefully-designed range of components ensure our packaging is highly flexible and adaptable. We do not believe in a one size fits all solution, we believe in working closely with each of https://j-galt.com/ambien-10mg/ our partners to achieve a solution to suit.

The experience we have built up as a world-wide pioneer of wool-based insulated packaging has equipped us with the ability to tailor our solutions to each product’s needs. From small portable envelopes and pouches to larger boxes and containers, the simplicity of Woolcool®’s products ensures high performance using an optimal amount of materials.

Finally, the other indisputable benefit of using Woolcool®’s science-backed temperature controlled packaging for pharma is the improved ecological outcomes it will bring to a delivery chain.

As a 100% natural material, wool is biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, reusable and abundantly available. It also lowers the carbon footprint of delivery chains, as it takes up less room in transit than manmade alternatives.

Crucially, the research we provide proves that any long-held concerns that choosing an ecologically-sound packaging method means sacrificing performance or costs are unfounded, and in fact, it is quite the opposite.

For pharma companies looking to take steps to make delivery methods more ecologically sound, while retaining the performance they need, Woolcool® provides the best of both worlds – the credentials of a firm that champions the use of natural materials, with the reassurance provided by laboratory-based testing and scientific research with a number of top partners. It’s what we do.