MBE Award for Services to Manufacturing and the Environment

Josie Morris awarded MBE

Woolcool. Insulated Packaging. Naturally.

Woolcool® was launched in 2008 and the innovative, sustainable design has scooped an impressive haul of awards in the packaging, business and environmental arenas.

June, 2021

Woolcool® is a company that is lucky enough to have attracted awards over the years, from business accolades to honours that recognise our environment ethos or innovative approach to packaging solutions.
Any recognition for the work we do is gratefully received – it reflects on our team, the broader Woolcool® family of clients, suppliers, partners and customers and helps extend the network of contacts that have helped make us a success. However, at its very inception by our founder and CEO Angela Morris in 2009, it’s never about individuals
at Woolcool®, it’s about a combined effort to provide the best possible solutions for our clients, while going about business in a responsible, caring way that is mindful of the impact we have on society and the environment – putting people and planet before profit. An ethos instilled from day one and driven forward today.
We have also been hugely honoured over the years – as a proudly British firm – to have garnered Royal approval for our work, and last month we saw another memorable moment.

Woolcool®’s Managing Director, Josie Morris, was awarded an MBE in Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Honours, for her contribution to manufacturing and the environment .

In true Woolcool® style, Josie dedicated the award to the Woolcool® family, saying: “We have an amazing team here at Woolcool®, and this MBE is for everyone. The success of Woolcool® is down to the collaborative approach we take to our work, whether that’s our own team or the broader family of clients, suppliers, customers or partners.

“We never claim to be perfect, we are far from it. However, we strive to continually monitor and seek to improve our impact on the planet and people around us. We try to be as transparent in our dealings as possible and, while there is an environmental ethos at our core, we also believe that looking after our people is key to all that we do.”

Josie’s MBE is the latest in a history of Royal honours that have recognised Woolcool® and helped promote the environmental and social ethos of the company.
This began in 2018 Royal recognition in the form of a Queen’s Award for Industry, for Innovation – perhaps the greatest accolade a UK business can get.

Then, in 2019, we celebrated a decade of innovation with a visit by HRH the Prince of Wales, to our HQ in Staffordshire. The Prince – who is Patron of The Campaign for Wool – visited to learn more about the company’s pioneering use of natural materials in insulated packaging, before unveiling a plaque marking their tenth anniversary in business.

Our latest Royal link-up sees Woolcool® becoming supporters of Prince Charles’s Terra Carta – or ‘Earth Charter’ – which is a recovery plan for the planet that aims to get big business to invest in sustainability.

There are 100 recommendations in the Earth Charter all aimed at saving the planet, drawn from the business world after months of talks brought together by Prince Charles himself.

We’re proud to sign up to support this ambitious initiative, just as we are we are grateful for any recognition our works attracts.

That’s because, beyond the excitement of winning an award of any type, accolades help raise awareness of what we do and the aims that drive our business.

They also help cement further the acceptance that natural materials, such as wool, provide a viable and environmentally acceptable alternative to manmade pollutants such as polystyrene.

In our case, we have spent more than a decade and millions of pounds on research into the properties of wool, working with scientists at Cambridge University and others.

We already know that, as well as being a superior insulator in temperature controlled packaging , 100% pure sheep’s wool is biodegradable, compostable, recyclable , reusable and abundant. The research we continue to fund provides the data to prove it outperforms manmade pollutants, which is crucial to sectors such as pharmaceutical. This is good news for the planet, for business, for everyone.

Royal recognition and industry awards help spread that good news further, building up a network of support for our innovative ideas across the business community.

And it goes so much further than simple business practice – it’s about how business engages with society.

That’s why Woolcool® is one of the only packaging companies of its type in the UK to be a certified B Corp. B Corporations are a growing group of global companies who are reinventing business, by pursuing purpose as well as profit. Woolcool® has been certified by B Lab as having met rigorous social and environmental standards which represent its commitment to goals outside of shareholder profit.

So, we hope you will join us in celebrating our latest Royal recognition, as it not only highlights our achievements, it also shines a light on changing business practices and the growing acceptance of natural materials in industry.

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