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Cemp Insulated Pouches

Cemp Insulated Pouches

Created using 100% plant fibres, no polyester, no sequins, no surprises, just natural fibre. Our pouches provide a reliable way of delivering smaller amounts of chilled and ambient foods. Built as a Pouch with a Gusset and featuring a Sealable Lip, we offer a stock range of options or we can create bespoke designs to suit your business needs. Using elements that are recyclable, reusable, compostable and/or biodegradable, we only want to offer truly sustainable solutions. To ensure our Cemp solution is completely food safe we have also developed our liners to include BioMaster protective technology.


Cemp Insulated Pouches are perfect for delivering smaller quantities of goods, working well inside hampers and with recipe kits, and other products that combine both ambient and chilled contents. You can also use our thermally insulated pouches to carry small amounts of frozen groceries.

Thanks to our development, rigorous testing and the insulation properties provided by the 100% natural plant fibres inside, our insulated pouches can provide the performance needed for overnight courier deliveries.

We can tailor the Cemp Insulated Pouches to meet the requirements of your business, from providing bespoke designs to alternative size options.

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