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Chilled & Frozen Packaging Solutions

Our high performance insulated chilled packaging solution is designed specifically for direct deliveries of chilled and frozen foods including meat boxes, fresh fish and seafood, cheeses and deli items, fresh fruit and veg, gourmet menus and ready meals.

Our Award Winning Chilled Packaging Solution

All of the products in our chilled packaging range are produced using 100% pure wool.


Woolcool® has also been independently proven to keep food contents below the all important 5°c for at least 24 hours and longer.


Tried, tested and proven performance across both the Food and Pharmaceutical Sectors, Woolcool® is a ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company.


Woolcool® has been rigorously tested and proven to keep produce within the temperature ranges required by the Food Standards Agency.

Want to know why we are an Award Winning packaging company?

More than £1 million has been invested in research and development by Woolcool®, to create 100% natural wool-based insulated packaging that is not only cost-effective and superior in performance to man-made materials such as polystyrene, it is also reusable, recyclable and sustainable.

Re-use and Recycle

If you’re looking for thermally insulated food packaging that can be re-used and recycled then Woolcool® is for you.
Our natural materials help you, your end-users and the environment… it’s all good.

Natural Materials

Wool is one of the most sustainable natural materials, being available in abundance as a by-product of rearing sheep. The global sheep population is in excess of 1.2 billion.

Woolcool® is an e-commerce ready solution
Woolcool® can remove temperature controlled vehicles
Woolcool® has its own testing facility
Woolcool® can add to your corporate and social responsibility

Our Chilled Packaging Range

Woolcool® Food packaging solutions are produced using 100% pure wool. They have a proven track record within the food industry as the trusted performance insulated packaging solution that delivers perishable goods in perfect condition.