It’s obvious really, but wool makes better insulation than oil and independent tests consistently prove that Woolcool outperforms conventional insulated packaging on every level.


Rigorous testing

Rigorous testing to industry standards in our own environmental chambers supported by independent trials consistently proves that Woolcool insulated packaging maintains food contents at their required temperature for longer than conventional materials.


Woolcool has also been independently proven to keep food contents below the all important 5°c for at least 24 hours and longer.
Woolcool Temperature Graph

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Woolcool works for frozen produce too.

Fewer ice packs

Superior insulation means fewer ice packs are necessary, making Woolcool pouches ideal for inclusion in ambient hampers and for individual, speciality food deliveries.

Improve hygiene

Woolcool insulation is sealed in breathable film which allows the ‘smart’ wool fibres to absorb humidity and create a more hygienic environment.

Travel safer

Woolcool insulation snugly cushions food contents to prevent damage in transit, without additional void packaging.

Additional benefits…

Woolcool is supplied flat packed and is much less bulky than the current alternatives.

Woolcool has none of the punitive cost implications regarding waste disposal.

Wool insulated packaging is genuinely sustainable and much better for the environment than oil based products.

Woolcool gives customers the added value of environmentally friendly packaging and helps with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.