Our ingenious Woolcool designers have pioneered the use of wool as a natural ‘smart fibre’ for the design and manufacture of high performance, environmentally friendly insulated packaging, as a superior alternative to conventional materials.


Set for scale

Woolcool sustainable packaging is manufactured on a commercial scale to meet the increasing demands of international markets.

Specific wool for Woolcool

Wool is sourced and processed specifically for making Woolcool to ensure it doesn’t contain additives, such as borate or polyester, found in other types of wool insulation.

Environmentally managed

Fleeces are washed and scoured in accordance with PPC regulations and ISO14001 environmental management systems, without the need for extreme temperatures, chemical treatments or additives.

Beneficial by-products of the washing and scouring process include a nitrate and mineral rich sludge which is used as natural fertiliser or made into biodegradable slug pellets.

The washed fleece is garneted, needle-felted and cut into strips which are hygienically sealed within recyclable PE film with micro-perforations to allow the hygroscopic function.