Natural insulation for freight.

FreightGUARDIAN® by Woolool®

Natural insulation for freight.

Proven thermal insulation.

Using Woolcool® thermal technology, our FreightGUARDIAN® pallet cover range is a game changing innovation using Nature’s Smart Fibre as its high performance insulative core. Whether looking for protection from temperature fluctuations for a short journey, or insulative performance to regulate temperatures for a longer period of time, for 2-8C, CRT or Frozen, the FreightGUARDIAN® pallet cover range has a solution for the array of challenges that shipment of freight in the Cold Chain presents.


Created by Nature,
Drive by Science.

FreightGUARDIAN® by Woolool®

Insulate and protect.

Tried and tested, and tested again and again. Woolcool® is raising the bar for temperature controlled solutions and continues to offer innovative products. Not only are we meeting global demands to ensure our Pharmaceutical customers are confidently Cold Chain Compliant, but we are consistently exceeding them.

Wool has naturally evolved over 1000s of years as an insulator and a regulator of temperature and moisture. As a result, it is the perfect material to provide thermal protection not just for smaller parcels, but your larger freight and pallet movements. This is why we developed FreightGUARDIAN®, providing a unique, natural, sustainable and high performing alternative for pallet transportation.

Our range has been independent tested to consistently prove that Woolcool® technology outperforms conventional materials on every level.

Robust and reusable.

With over two decades of innovation and product development focused on improvements in Cold Chain passive solutions, we have a deep understanding and expertise in material science and what is required to ensure you can rely on our solution.

As a result, FreightGUARDIAN® is constructed to withstand the challenges and harsh environments experienced by freight shipments. The durable and sturdy nature of the materials used means FreightGUARDIAN® is reusable again and again. The wax coating on the outer cover protects from water ingress, whilst also meaning the cover is wipeable. Reduce the cost of your shipments, and reuse your cover!

FreightGUARDIAN® Pallet Cover from Woolcool®


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Road, rail, sea or air freight insulation and protection for temperature sensitive cargo.

Natural materials.

Wool is one of the most sustainable natural materials, being available in abundance. Woolcool® products are natural, compostable, recyclable or reusable. We believe in using the right material, for the right application. FreightGUARDIAN® is the World’s first pallet cover made using natural materials, including pure 100% Wool and Cotton as the principal materials.

Making a difference.

We have specifically chosen to create FreightGUARDIAN® using materials that are compostable or recyclable, renewable, reusable, easy to dispose of and available in abundance, so that at the end of its life, our packaging does as little damage to the planet as possible. In fact, the main component, wool, composts it even adds nutrients back into the ground! Any paper and cardboard used is from FSC certified sources.

Due to the superior thermal performance properties of the materials we use, it also means that overall, the range uses less material and as a result, reduces your waste to landfill when compared to alternatives.

Double Queens Award winners, and the first UK company in our sector to become B-Corp certified, we are actively working towards meeting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

To find out more about what we’re doing to reduce our impact on planet, and therefore helping you to meet your sustainability targets, you can visit our sustainability page by clicking here.

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High performing pallet protection.

Demand more of your Pallet Cover! FreightGUARDIAN® provides high performing thermal protection and insulation for your pallet shipments. The range is raising the bar for the performance expectation when using passive protection for large freight movements. Need specific data relevant to your cold chain? Get in touch with our expert team, we are ready to help!

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2-8°C Fluctuating Profile, up to 24 hours using FreightGUARDIAN®

15-25°C Fluctuating Profile, 54 hours using FreightGUARDIAN®

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CSR & United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Woolcool’s sustainable credentials contribute towards our customer’s Corporate Social Responsibilities and Sustainable Development Goals. Woolcool® will not only stand the test of time but brings businesses the added value of being environmentally responsible.

Woolcool® is committed to meeting as many of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals – or SDGs – as we can. Many of the UN’s goals touch upon what Woolcool® does as a sustainable business that was built on green principles. We believe business has a vital role to play if the globe is to benefit from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. After all, our company was founded on sustainable ideals. We know there is always more we can do, but Woolcool® is determined to play its part in creating a more sustainable world through environmentally-friendly insulated packaging.

We believe in the right material, for the right application, fully researched from beginning to end of life.

Woolcool® thermal insulated packaging products and our FreightGUARDIAN® range help companies and consumers reduce, reuse and recycle packaging as set out by Governmental targets across the globe. The wool insulation is certified compostable and biodegradable, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil.

Any plastics used are easily recyclable at local authority waste depots. The cardboard delivery boxes are produced using recycled materials, and from FSC sources, these are easily recyclable at local authority waste depots.

Using Woolcool® and FreightGUARDIAN® as thermal protection for the shipment of food and pharmaceutical goods, significantly reduces the rate of the Packaging Waste obligation versus conventional materials. At the end of its useful life as packaging, the insulation liners, felted wool and FreightGUARDIAN® materials can be re-used for a variety of purposes.

Regardless of what’s being shipped, our insulated pallet covers ensure maximum thermal protection.

Standard pallet size.

FreightGUARDIAN® is cleverly designed to fit a range of global pallet sizes. We innovated with flexibility in mind, so we can also easily produce a bespoke size to suit your requirement, based on hitting low MOQs. Looking for a specific size of cover? Get in touch with our team!

Additional benefits…

It is believed that choosing a sustainable alternative means cost and/or performance need to be sacrificed. FreightGUARDIAN® has been designed as pallet cover solution that balances all three. Using a 100% natural and abundant material, and one that has evolved over 1000s of years as an insulator, means that performance and sustainability come hand in hand.

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