Natural performer.

Pharma Solutions – Woolcool®
Pharma Solutions – Woolcool®

Natural fibre.


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Revolutionise your insulated pharma packaging with Woolcool® thermal packaging system.

thermal packaging.

Rigid packaging from Woolcool®

thermal packaging.

Flexible packaging from Woolcool®

thermal packaging.

Rigid packaging from Woolcool®

thermal packaging.

Flexible packaging from Woolcool®

thermal packaging.

Rigid packaging from Woolcool®

thermal packaging.

Flexible packaging from Woolcool®

Created by nature. Driven by science.

Globally renowned sustainable solutions for temperature controlled shipments. Protect your product and the environment.

Award winning technology that ensures safe transportation of temperature sensitive payload, whilst using sustainable materials. High-performance passive packaging doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Superior performance.

Tried and tested, and tested again and again. Woolcool® is raising the bar for temperature controlled packaging solutions and continues to innovate. Not only are we meeting global demands to ensure our Pharmaceutical customers are confidently Cold Chain Compliant, but we are consistently exceeding them.


Wool is one of the most sustainable natural materials, being available in abundance. Woolcool® products are compostable, recyclable or reusable. We believe in using the right material, for the right application.

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Temperature Performance - Woolcool® Benefits
Increase Efficiency - Woolcool® Benefits
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2-8°C Fluctuating Profile, 120 hours using Woolcool Box Set

15-25°C Fluctuating Profile, 120 hours using Woolcool Box Set

Corporate and Social Responsibility – Woolcool Benefits
100% Pure Wool – Woolcool Benefits
Natural Materials – Woolcool Benefits
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 The Three Rs – Woolcool Benefits

Wool has naturally evolved as an insulator and independent tests consistently prove that Woolcool® outperforms conventional insulated packaging on every level.


Maintain 2°C – 8°C > 120hrs

Woolcool® has been independently proven to keep pharmaceuticals within the critical 2°C and 8°C. Our range offers options qualified from 24 hours to more than 120 hours.

Controlled room temperature.

Recent changes in EU GDP guidelines now require temperature monitoring of CRT products in distribution. Woolcool® insulated packaging has been independently proven to keep ambient pharmaceuticals within 15ºC-25ºC and other Controlled Room Temperature challenges.

Superior Performance by Woolcool®
Founders of the Sustainable Packaging Revolution - Woolcool®

Commercially viable.

We know performance is the most important element of any packaging system. We offer the most effective and efficient solution, in terms of performance, value, and sustainable. Our experts are ready and waiting to discuss the best solution for you!

Standard range.
We specially designed a range of Woolcool® thermal packaging systems to easily integrate into Cold Chain processes.

We recognise that each company has its own logistical challenges, so we work closely with every client to tailor to suit their specific requirements where applicable.

Bespoke for big business.
Woolcool® already supplies systems for both 2-8C and CRT to many of the leading names in the Pharma sector including Baxter Healthcare, Quantum Pharma, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, McKesson, Coop, Well Pharmacy, MERZ and many more.

Total solution.
Woolcool® insulated liners combined with rigid, recycled, flat packed, brown cardboard boxes make-up the complete Woolcool® solution. Alternative colour and branding options are available.

Pouch and postal packs.
Woolcool® Insulated pouches are ideal for sending one or two smalller items, including direct to patient, or as part of mixed temperature parcel.

Integrate to Workflow - Woolcool® Benefits
Remove Refrigerated Vehicles - Woolcool® Benefits
UK Manufacturing - Woolcool® Benefits


Where can I find sizing and price information?

While we have a standard range of solutions and sizes available, every food product reacts differently to temperature, affecting which solution best suits your needs.

To find out more information on pricing and sizes, please get in touch with us.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager from our team of experts right away, who will recommend the best solution for you, and provide all of the relevant information.

Why Woolcool®?

Woolcool pioneered the sustainable packaging revolution over two decades ago and have researched, and created innovative solutions for delivering perishable goods, ever since.

Unlike alternative solutions, there’s no need to compromise on sustainability or performance, when Woolcool offers both! We have harnessed the amazing natural properties of 100% sheep’s wool to provide insulation that delivers your products in perfect condition, without harming the planet.

Woolcool uses fully traceable materials and processes which are ISO certified to ensure consistent, clean, high-quality supply.

Other benefits of using wool includes its ability to absorb moisture from ice packs, preventing your products from arriving damp, and reducing damage from any accidental spills during transit. Its flexible nature also protects them from the impacts of courier delivery. 

Our rigorous cleaning process and the natural anti-microbial nature of wool also means that it has a much lower toxicity level when compared with alternative textiles.

See how Woolcool measures up to other solutions here.

How does it perform?

Unlike traditional solutions Woolcool® does not simply act as a barrier that slows down the heat exchange from outside, to inside the package. Instead, wool fibres breath in air and moisture from within the box or pouch, to actively help in maintaining temperatures, as they have evolved to do for sheep over thousands of years!

Woolcool® can keep products between 2-8C, 15-25, frozen, and more for up to 72 hours and beyond. Performance does vary by product, Woolcool® range, temperature range and on the amount and quantity of gel packs used.

We have rigorously tested our solutions to industry standards and our expert team are on hand to make the best recommendations for you, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How is Woolcool® sustainable?

We have specifically chosen to use materials that are compostable or recyclable, renewable, easy to dispose of and available in abundance, so that at the end of its life, our packaging does as little damage to the planet as possible. In fact, as wool composts it even adds nutrients back into the ground!

Due to the high performing nature of the materials we use, it also means that overall, our packaging uses less material and as a result, produces less waste compared to alternatives.

We were the first UK company in our sector to become B-Corp certified, are actively working towards meeting UN’s outlined Sustainable Development Goals and all of the paper and cardboard we use is FSC certified.

To find out more about what we’re doing to reduce our impact on planet, you can visit our sustainability page by clicking here.

Why do we use plastic film for our packaging?

We’re proud that our packaging range is up to 95% plastic free, utilising natural materials such as wool and paper.

We are however very aware that it is important to use the right material for the right application, and all of our Woolcool® insulation liners are wrapped in a grade 4 recyclable polyethylene film. This is to ensure that they meet hygiene requirements for both food and pharmaceutical applications, and also to increase the reusability of the insulation. Due to the nature of our packaging being designed to work alongside ice packs, which produce condensation during use, waterproof materials also increase the durability of our packaging.

The additional bonus of wool is that it absorbs moisture really well to eliminate this moisture, and you may notice tiny perforations in our film which allow the wool to do this still, despite being wrapped.

We are always researching and staying at the forefront of developments of plastic alternatives in the sector, however we are also keen to fully ensure that a material is fit for purpose, as well as genuinely being better for the environment.

There are several ‘bio’ and ‘compostable’ plastic alternatives now available, but these often require very specific environments to break down, without which they can take many years to degrade just like traditional plastics. Whether they leave behind traces of bioplastics which can still be harmful to the environment, is also questionable and further long-term study is required.

For the time being, we have opted to use a material which our end users know how to dispose of correctly, with total transparency, until we are sure a better alternative is available.

If you’re interested in reading more about our stance on material balance and plastic use, head over to our blog: Striking a Balance: Choosing the Right Materials


Dental Directory - Woolcool® Customer
Henry Schein - Woolcool® Customer
Baxter - Woolcool® Customer
Merz - Woolcool® Customer
Well Pharmacy - Woolcool® Customer
CVS Group - Woolcool® Customer

What Well Pharmacy say...

Woolcool has not only proved to meet our performance needs, but it also meets our green considerations too. Our patients love that the product is recyclable at home, and we are pleased with how simple it is to use and how well it performs for us.

What Merz say...

With the utilization of the bio-degradable Woolcool products, Merz can avoid CO2 emissions along its logistics processes due to reduced payload of shipping boxes and even more due to the Woolcool sourcing and production processes.

What CVS Group say...

Woolcool worked closely with us to find a solution, assisting with our own testing and conducting laboratory testing of their own to ensure that products did not freeze on initial packing but maintained the required temperature range for the delivery period.