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Temperature Controlled Box for Pharma
Protecting Packaging and Rigid Packaging by Woolcool® Pharma
Temperature Controlled Box for Pharma
Rigid Packaging for Woolcool® Pharma

Rigid Thermal Packaging

CRT insulative system, maintaining temperature range for up to 120 hours.

Our insulated boxes for CRT lines are used within the Pharmaceutical industry to transport a wide variety of temperature sensitive products locally, nationally and globally. Our systems maintain a temperature controlled environment for up to 120 hours. Our range of insulated boxes include solutions have a payload capacity of up to 30kg. We can also tailor to specific requirements.

Woolcool®’s temperature controlled box maintains 15 to 25ºC

What you need to know…

Our Insulated Box Sets contain a strong, robust outer cardboard box with two of our insulating fleece liners. Creating a flexible and practical packaging solution for temperature-sensitive pharma products, the Insulated Boxes come in six stock sizes and is sustainable, recyclable and reusable.


Our Insulated Boxes provide reliable insulation for Pharmaceutical products within the 2-8ºC temperature range.


Woolcool®’s Insulated Boxes come in a variety of standard sizes and can be used to deliver up to a capacity of 30kg.


Our independently-tested Insulated Boxes provide up to 120 hours of performance for temperature-sensitive deliveries.


In addition to our seven stock sizes, our Insulated Box Sets can be tailored by size, or design to suit your requirements.

Ideal to transport a wide variety of temperature sensitive products locally, nationally and globally.

What’s inside our Pharmaceutical Packaging Systems

Woolcool®’s Rigid Thermal Packaging is specifically designed and thoroughly researched

Woolcool® pharma courier box

Shipment Boxes

Rigid shipment boxes protect delicate products from impact while transporting in bulk.

Woolcool® Blockers

Thermal Blockers

Designed to protect your product from direct contact with ice.

Woolcool® pharma fleece liner

Fleece Liners

Woolcool®’s fleece liners provide insulation for Pharma products within the 2-8ºC and 15-25ºC ranges.

Woolcool® pharma fleece liner

Ice Packs

Our ice packs are durable and provide the basis of a stable, chilled packaging environment. 

Woolcool® is a smaller package to transport
Woolcool® give a greater load space
Woolcool® reduces the amount of ice packs required
Woolcool® reduces the overall weight of packaging
Performance Solution from Woolcool®

Woolcool® outperforms conventional insulated packaging on every level

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