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For well over a decade before that unforgettable, moving and society-changing episode of Blue Planet, Woolcool® has been championing the reduction of non-sustainable materials – and focusing on more natural and sustainable alternatives.

We have spent the last 10 years pioneering our packaging field, and in the case of Woolcool®, using the natural properties of 100% pure wool to create insulation for the shipment of food products and for use in the cold chains of the pharmaceutical industry.

Through years of investment in research and testing, we have proven time and again that not only is the pure wool we use in our insulated bag and box designs bio degradable and compostable, it outperforms man-made insulating materials such as polystyrene.

So, while polystyrene and other non-sustainable alternatives clog up landfill sites, taking centuries to break down, our natural wool products biodegrade quickly, releasing valuable minerals into the earth. While the processes that manufacture man-made insulators may impact on the planet, the wool we use in our thermal bag and boxes is an abundant natural material.

It is this ethos, backed by evidence-based scientific research, that has made Woolcool® a true pioneer in the field of sustainable packaging.

But even with its fantastic bio-degradable properties, we would love each and every one of the natural wool liners in our thermal bag and box products to have even less ecological impact.

After all, if Mother Nature gave wool such useful qualities, we’d like to benefit from them as many times as possible.

Now Woolcool® is taking the next step on the road to true sustainability.

The real secret to sustainable packaging is not just recycling, in turning a material into something new such as a bin bag – but it is re-use.

Woolcool’s Circular Economy Scheme.

Our Circular Economy Scheme – believed to be a first of this kind for a packaging company in this sector – allows our ecologically-minded customers to return their real wool insulated liners to us for re-use. For free.

Woolcool® is paying the costs of enabling this ground-breaking scheme, because it perfectly sums up our ecological ethos and determination to find packaging solutions that are not only good for customers, products and consumers, but they also help protect the earth.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler. We want your Woolcool® liners back, so that they can be re-used. Whether they are from one of our box sets, a hamper, a thermal bag, an envelope, a carrier, an insulated bag or a courier box, we want your liners back.

So, simply take a box and fill it with as many Woolcool® liners as possible.

Returns Scheme by Woolcool®

Challenge yourself to fit as many in as you can, as this will allow us to ensure maximum reuse of our materials, whilst reducing our carbon footprint even further when shipping back to us.

Once your liners are sealed well inside your box, or bag, click here to head over to DPD’s return to Woolcool page, and follow the instructions below:​

  • Select ‘Return my items’
  • Complete the return form on the left. When asked “Where did you receive this packaging from?” please enter ‘Woolcool’
  • Confirm the terms and conditions on the right
  • Select ‘Continue’ to send the label to your email address
  • Print your label and attach to the outside of your box or packaging
  • Drop off your parcel at your nearest DPD shop.
DPD Returns for Woolcool®

Drop off your returns*

To find out where your nearest drop off point is, you can use the following link:

We will then inspect the returned wool, clean and reprocess it, ensuring it is Food and Pharma safe. It will then continue its life as a Woolcool® liner, used in our insulated envelope, our insulated bag or in one of our thermal boxes. Or if its deemed unsuitable for this process, we will look to reuse it in other products such as for bedding or mattress filling. Our goal is to limit our awesome material ending up in landfill, ensuring it is reused as many times as possible.

As a valued user and receiver of Woolcool’s products, you probably already know the remarkable properties of our natural products and we thank you for all your support of our journey so far.

We believe that it is through collaboration and working together with those willing to be part of this trailblazing journey with us, that we can and will significantly improve the impact of waste and material usage on our planet. We believe re-use is the future, and this scheme is just the beginning.

*For a number of reasons, including materials differences and traceabiity, this scheme is only for the return of liners and pouches by Woolcool. We do not accept HelloFresh Pouches (as this is a plastic material, and not Wool or Woolcool) or any other textile/wool mix packaging that isn’t produced by Woolcool. Please contact the company from which you received the packaging to determine what to do with this.​

If you have any questions, please give us a call on +44 (0) 1785 262030 or drop us an email –, one of the Woolcool® team will be waiting, ready to assist.

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By engaging with our pioneering Circular Economy Scheme, you’ll be sharing our ecological ethos, taking part in a ground-breaking step within the packaging world – and helping to protect our Planet Earth too!

Pioneers of 100% Pure Wool Packaging - Woolcool®