Using natural materials to change the world.

Company goals.

Our impact, our responsibility is our mantra. We know we aren’t yet perfect, however we can always strive to be better and improve our impact on the wider world both socially and environmentally.

We recognise that our actions alone won’t change our climate course, however we do believe in the power of the collective. If everyone does something small, the impact is massive.

We have always tried to shape our decisions based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, achieving the Queens Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2022. Read more about our contribution so far and ongoing commitment to improve our impact in relation to the SDGs

We are currently reviewing our goals for 2023 and beyond, so keep an eye here as we update our progress, our current aims are:

  • Zero Waste to Landfill – we already achieved this in 2021, however we know it is important to strive to maintain this as we grow. For example, we have recently implemented a closed loop on the waste plastic from our production, with us redirecting this back to our suppliers to recycle into more components for us.
  • Move to a 100% renewable energy in our Woolhouse – we achieved this in 2021, and eliminated the use of gas in our facility.
  • Net Zero by 2025 (Scope 1 and 2), reducing Scope 3 by 2.5% year on year. – We have always shied away from declaring this in the past as we do not believe in making a statement or commitment without knowing our current position. We completed our Carbon Footprint analysis for 2021/2022 with Keele University and now feel we are in an educated position to plan how to achieve this goal. We know we can be better and will continue to drive to be so.
  • Improve our engagement with Charities – continue our support of our chosen charity partners, with donations, engagement in time and supporting events. We also pledge to work to commit to donating 75 hrs of our team engagement by 2025.

We have future ambitions to set up our own foundation too, so watch this space!

Founders of the Sustainable Packaging Revolution - Woolcool®

Our Charity Partners.

The Gingerbread Centre - Woolcool® Charity partner
AED Donate - Woolcool® Charity partner
Peter Pan Centre - Woolcool® Charity partner


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Our values.

We want all of our team to feel Safe, Supported, and Engaged. We have 5 Woolcool Pillars which are underpinned by our commitment to innovation and creativity, both in terms of our company activities and our continual development and improvement of our products.







Why be average, when you can be amazing?

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We are B Corp certified.

We’re proud to be the first packaging company of our kind to achieve B Corp certification in the UK. We believe in business as a force for good and that if every business makes a small step, together we can have a major impact.

It was a rigorous and detailed process which, if anything, showed us how we can do more to live up to the B Corp commitment. By shining a light on how we work, it confirmed what we already knew – we’re far from perfect!


Woolcool® - Awarded B-Corp

Materials we use.

We believe in the right material, right application, full researched from beginning to end of life, no knee jerk reaction or jumping on a marketing bandwagon.

Packaging has a really important role to plays. It protects, informs, extends shelf live and reduces product wastage. We must make sure we are mindful about it’s impact, ensuring that when it is used, it is used responsibly and optimised.

100% Pure Wool – Woolcool®


100% Pure Wool is a super-smart natural insulator that is compostable and biodegradable. However, you can be super-smart and reuse around the house, in the garden or even send back to us at Woolcool. #letsboxclever


We are working towards smarter alternatives and as part of the drive to reduce plastic in packaging our pouch is made from recyclable and biodegradable paper. Simply dispose as part of your household recycling.


Our 100% Pure Wool liner is protected by a recyclable plastic outer. This increases reusability and ensures we are adhering to Food and Pharma safety standards. You can simply dispose of this in your household recycling.

We design and manufacture sustainable & environmently responsible packaging for businesses both in the UK and worldwide.

Need a bespoke packaging solution? Please call us, our design team are on-hand: +44 (0) 1785 262030

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Pioneers of 100% Pure Wool Packaging - Woolcool®